Monday, September 27, 2010

Parklife 10'

most amazing experience..

where to start, where to start.
Okay so the journey up was fine until we got a call form one of hour mates; apparently 5 of our mates driving up to Brisbane in another car had been pulled over by the pigs but we didn't get much info on this.

Okay so we arrive at our hotel, all excited and pumped, only to find a note at the hotel lobby telling us that 5 of our mates where in police custody; Ohhh shitt! we thought. One of my mates in that car was busted with 160 capsules and another with an ounce of pot.


but other than that the festival was great; good music, good girls, good dancing, good drugs!

Groove Armada crowd

Ma boy Darwin Deez

Not the biggest fan, but she did rock the crowd..